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An Alegra is someone you can tell anything to. She might seem normal when you meet her but trust me this girl is weird. She is gorgeous in every sense of the word but is a bad bitch don’t get me wrong. Everyone should have an Alegra in their lives.
Look at that weird bitch staring at the ceiling... oh it’s alegra.
by Badbitch... May 09, 2018
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the coolest little hoe (in a loving sense) you'll ever come across! she's the best friend you could ever have and is very shy at first. she's outgoing only around her closest friends.
"hey, did you see that new girl?"
"yeah, she seems like she'd totally be an alegra!"
by jennybarnmsithastry December 16, 2009
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definition 1:
is a stupid lying bitch she just dosent know when to stop she is always talking behide peoples back in other words she is a stupid annoying lying bitch
i love you alegra

definition 2:
a backstabbing lying ASS bitch who would do a guy in the middle of the classroom
basically your average whore cock sucking lying ass bitch who doesnt know whats good for her unless she gets paid for it like a fucking hooker
she will prolli become one when she gets older or she may be one now.. i think she is right now knowing the fucking sluty whorish hooker hoe bitch fucker skank pussy lickin bitch's attitude
if you would like a nice time with her just go to a party and get alone with her .. she will probably get pregnant.
by booger brain June 16, 2008
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