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Aldric is a person who is misunderstood by lots of people mostly girls Aldric is very cool and does bad things to make him the bad person everyone espects him to be Aldric is nice in tbe inside and loves girls Aldric is sexy and handsom but doesnt notices it Aldric has sexmost of the time with his Girlfriend and tries his best to make her happy
Ur so handsom Aldric
by Dark_Imp June 15, 2017
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A very gay lad who tends to get under people's fucking skin, giving them the urge to kill Aldric. Aldric tries to act like he is cool and handsome, but, of course, he is not. Everyone hates Aldric and people want him to go away most of the time. Aldric is supposedly becoming a pedophile, going by his creepy, stupid actions. Aldric tends to be very dumb and brain dead. No one likes or liked him.
Person 1: " That dude is so annoying, no one likes him"
Person 2: " Of course, that's Aldric!"
by avxiiiix June 07, 2017
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An Aldric is a person who is funny and smart. He is very awkward and tends to blurt random things out. He isn’t one of the cool kids but isn’t the nerdy type either. He is shy around strangers but once you get to know them they will literally make you laugh so hard you’ll die. An Aldric is always nice to be around until you get on his bad side. Aldrics cannot get a significant other well but once they do, they will stay loyal to them.
1: “OMG this guy made me laugh so much yesterday!”
2: “Oh, he must be an Aldric.”
by hello_world. January 31, 2018
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