The mighest zerg in all of Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot. Albtron hails from the realm of Albion, and its formation is highly unpredictable. The Albtron is composed mainly of Team Warder, and because of Albion's lack utility in its classes, has been known to move at a very slow rate of speed. Despite this Albtron cannot be defeated on the battlefield. What Albtron wants Albtron gets. Albtron is almost always followed by a bunch of mass postings on the VN boards, the spot where the other two realms (Hibernia and Midguard) fight a vicious psychological war against the realm of Albion, which usually causes Albtron to receed into a dormant state.
Albtron formed last night and now Albion havs all the relics.
by screw hibernia June 23, 2005
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