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A small liberal arts college in an itty-bitty, teensy-weensy town in the middle of Michigan.

The students find creative uses for their time. Activities include: athletics, studying, practicing, procrastinating, "socializing", socializing, Greek life, and Facebooking.

Class sizes are small. Course content is challenging. There's a rock and some squirrels.
Albion College is a college.
by notsomejerk September 14, 2011
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A shit hole liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere Michigan aka Albion. The surrounding city is a ghetto. The school itself is full of drunk pot heads who think they're the shit cause mom and pop foot the bill for everything, including their half-assed Albion "education". You literally pay for your degree at this "liberal arts college". The administration wants to beef up the sports program, but fails to remind themselves that they're a division 3 school. The majority of the students (besides being white) are from Grosse Pointe, MI...and it shows.

And always remember when choosing a frat for a party: No Delt after dark!
Banner: 'Albion College: Always Thinking.'

Student: "More like - Albion College, Alway Drinking."
by ShipToShore October 24, 2010
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A midwestern institution built around academic superiority. At Albion everyone is treated with class and the utmost respect. Blah Blah Blah what really goes down at Albion you ask? Raging alcoholics, drug dealers, academic DIShonesty, shady professors, sketchy administration, ugly ass hoes, money sucking residence life, high school drop out campus safety officers, lame frat parties, shitty caf food, dumb sorority girls, ghetto people in general, dorm life until you're basically graduated, and last but not least a degree from a POS liberal arts school! Lo Triumpe bitches.
"The Albion College Advantage isn't adding two on the ten scale for females, It's getting black out enough so you forget what they look like when you wake up"

by AlbionTownie April 16, 2013
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