When the girl is giving you a blowjob, as soon as you cum in her mouth you would yell, "I HAVE AIDS!!"(but you really don't, or do you?), then the cum comes out her nose making her a dragon.
Hey girl want a Alaskan Snowdragon?
Dude, yesterday I gave Sally an Alaskan Snowdragon !
Dude I gave your girl frined an Alaskan Snowdragon.
by keybord February 05, 2009
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It's when a girl eat a hot pepper. Then she suck your cock until you cum. With the cum and the feeling of the hot mouth, it makes a snowdragon. To make an alaskan snowdragon, you make it outside during the winter.
Sarah and I went to Carlo's and Peppes. She was feeling horny as her mouth was starting to get spicy!!! So she took me outside during a snowstorm to give me a blowjob. Then I came in her hot mouth to make it a alaskan snowdragon.
by Dragon69 April 04, 2006
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The Alaskan Snowdragon is already a very, very high profile prank to play on your significant others. The Western Alaskan Snowdragon is where instead of yelling that you have AIDS/HIV, you yell “My Cum is nuclear!”, which will cause more than the normal Alaskan Snowdragon
Your girlfriend had a serious scare from the Western Alaskan Snowdragon I put her through.
by maasskkeedyoyo September 18, 2021
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