A paper toilet seat cover worn around the neck with the flap hanging down in front.

See also ass gasket and Texas t-shirt
Billy Bud wore an Alabama necktie to his sister's wedding.
by The Wog Whomper May 1, 2005
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An Alabama Necktie is a sexual activity that is preformed between two family members, typically between aunt and nephew. The procedure for this move includes tying a tie very tightly around the female (or male in some cases) and using a males penis to loosen the tie through deepthroat. A substitution may be made for lesbian Alabama Neckties, or for men with shmeat.
Cousin #1 : Aunt Elizabeth got me socks for Christmas so I gave her an Alabama necktie.

Cousin #2 : Lucky! I think she is next on my list for doing the Alabama Necktie.
by Alaskan Steamroller December 2, 2018
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