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Noun; Someone who is crazy, a legend at sailing, your best friend, owns a week on DiscoveryChannel (called Week of the Feldman) and the History Channel (called Water-Craft History with Feldman) because he is extremely rare.
Feldman-enough said
Al Pal is my crazy best friend who is a legend at sailing, we are hanging everyday and he loves me.
by Wildo Bagins October 10, 2011
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Someone named Alex who is shot into the friendzone publically on social media and is repeatedly given reminders of his drastic mistake
Yo I'll go as long as my "al pal" is there
by afs1181 April 17, 2016
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A boy named alex, normally related to an apple.
"Hey Vahhhlex, hand me my al pal"
by vahhhlex September 01, 2008
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