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Aktor, Act, Akt, Akr basically anyway you can spell ACT or ACTOR, is a 'tag'/'nick name' written by a black guy. He is a crazy c*nt who skits it in a second and is not afraid to get in a fight with any1 even if he's out numbered. He can be seen carrying paint or textures, normally artlines, but can also be carrying weapons such as blades and sometimes even a gun. He has a lot of 'connections', people who have his back, so no matter what you do your in trouble every time you face him. He's normally seen round with his mate 'Copie', last heard they both got into a fight with some guys in the city and beat the three of them up, Copie was sent back to the hospital with the three guys and later on ended up getting arrested for 'punching on' with them in the hospital, which he got off with because it was deemed to be "self defence" Copie is hard to find, hardly ever goes anywhere without his mate Aktor normally heading to parties and getting into a fight, or 2 on the way there and then 1 at the party itself. Word of advice try stay on Aktor and Copie's good side. Trust me.
Aktor = Black Guy
by (no preference) October 04, 2009
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