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A massive, many-tentacled, one-eyed, slimy monster which looks like it comes straight out of an anime hentai film. In fact it doesn't - it comes from Lone Wolf 3 - The Caverns of Kalte. It is summoned by the evil wizard Vonotar in an attempt to slay Lone Wolf, who is trying to capture him.

Very strong, this monster is the gamebook equivalent of a "boss monster", occurring at the very end of the book. The name akraa'neonor, given with the combat record in the book, does not appear either in the text of the gamebook or in the equivalent novel, Hunting Wolf; it is of unknown origin, but sounds like a Darklord term.

Since the monster is summoned, it is probably an Agarashi.
The akraa'neonor rises out of the pit, flailing tentacles everywhere.

Lone Wolf slew the akraa'neonor.
by Andy April 19, 2004
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