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Smart girl with black hair and light brown eyes. Big butt and boobs. Great body. Smart, tempered independent and cocky. Great at sports, and is a great friend. Is very sensitive but hides it.
Self-dependent Akosua
by wisemen177 May 17, 2012
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Akosua is an awesome girl who is lowkey on her grind.she's quite ,romantic ,humble , she doesn't just fall in love people so if she has for you be proud and don't loose her.She's very shy in some cases .she's very attractive! Cute, sexy mhern♡ and they a loyal companions and great kisser
Boy:whose that?😲
Girl :that's my friend Akosua
Boy:damn that girl is just hot😗🙈❤
Boy2: Akosua is awesome she's friendly too go talk to her
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by Gowaygirl June 01, 2018
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An amazing person with a perfect body shape and just over all a nice person. She can be crazy at sometimes but overall she is a great kind and caring best friend
That girl is so kind

That’s akosua for you
by Unknown._.person October 01, 2018
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A beautiful girl who can be shy, but honest. Cares for her friends, doesn't like fake friends and come from Ghana. She is very loyal, GREAT at sports especially Track. Shes straight forward, can be a brat but is nice most of the time
Daniel: Man i want that girl
Lexi: who??
Daniel: Akosua.. duh!!
Lexi: haha ill go get her phone number for you

Daniel : THANKS
by I love you xoxox October 31, 2018
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One who is also called "Koos" and "Acrustia". One who steals other people's clothes and their sister's. One who is gangsta. One who comments on their friend's butts.
Look there is Akosua!
by Bbabe88 February 27, 2010
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Known by her friends as “Kous” she is a very funny, sweet girl who will do anything for a piece of chocolate. She is very pretty and is always the life of the party. She also has a tendency to call all her friends by their last names.
Friend: Omg is Akosua! Hey Kous!
Akosua: hey (insert last name) you got any chocolate for me today?
by myfriendsareawesome December 16, 2018
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Beautiful black woman. Intelligent, hard working( even though she can be very lazy at certain times because she wants to be pampered). independent, and a strong woman. She has a quick temper though and goes off every once in a while. But she cools down after a short while. She’s not to be neglected when she’s angry. She can be easily convinced, just don’t break her heart when she trust you. Akosua doesn’t hive up easily. She’s a fighter. You won’t like her attitude afterwards if You make her angry. But overall, she’s a beautiful woman in and out.
Akosua is a name given to a girl born on Tuesday in the Akan language. Akans are from Ghana, West Africa
by Yawcal March 12, 2019
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