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Akiyah is a redhead girl who is tall and has an amazing personality. She has many great features like her sense of humor, the way she takes people under her wing and she is drop dead gorgeous. She is one of the most amazing people you will me. She will always be there for you and will always have your back. she has very little interest in guys and is happy being single. She is a girl who lives in her own kind of world with her own rules. She is always happy and always will keep you safe. She is very loyal,honest,kind,caring,sweet,funny and more. She has a hard time trusting people but when she finds someone who she trust, she must really like you.
Guy 1: have you seen akiyah lately.
Guy 2: yeah I just saw her she’s amazing
by Quodoba February 15, 2020
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Akiyah is a short girl who is shy

She love anime

When people see her they easily fall in love with her.
Hey did you see Akiyah she is so thic and beautiful
by Freaky123 May 03, 2019
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