"Was that an Akins"

"I think it was"

by nobodynamedAkins May 28, 2009
A word short for a tiny dick. Microscopic wang.
Kacey found out he had one tiny Akins once his new gf pulled down his pants and laughed at him straight to his face.
by 455130 November 14, 2016
A really really annoying son of a b***h who can guess the person you're thinking of after just a few questions!!
Akinator: Is your person white?

Me: Yes

Akinator: Luke Skywalker?

Me: God damn you Akinator!
by Kazi Yelrubkinson November 16, 2011
Destructive and debilitating affliction, first identified by Jean Carnahan, that comes upon politicians suddenly, causing them to blurt out bizarre but firmly-held beliefs.

Reference to wacky remarks about "legitimate rape" made in 2012 by Missouri U.S. Representative and U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin.
The Mayor must have had an Akinism when he made that speech last night about how secondhand smoke actually cures autism.
by chrisq5835 August 23, 2012
A creepy stalker who knows everyone in the whole world. He uses the web to look at the people you are trying to guess. It costs 2 dollars.
"Hey guys, today we are gonna be playing some akinator"
by NatuneGarme December 30, 2017
Person A: Oh look it's Akin!
Person B: Do you mean a King?
Person A: Oh yea thanks man my English is so bad I should commit suicide.
by Jesus tried September 26, 2021
Brave, manly or virile
Women wont leave him alone.. he's akin, good looking, and very successful.
by Akins mummy February 9, 2017