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A really handsome guy , who is always loved by many girls around the world . Akid is a one of a kind , and is a special boy who u should keep , he is caring and loving towards other , especially towards his loved ones . However , dont take advantage of his nice features , when angry , Akid is one u cannot control , his anger can lead him to cursing and beating others without any limit becoming a potential threat to the people around him unintentionally
Akid is a great friend that u should keep , but dont make him angry
by CrazyPanda123 February 03, 2017
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A mix between a Acid and an Alkali, or PH 7
Distilled water is an Akid
by funkypigeon100 February 28, 2017
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A shiesty bastard who potentially would or wouldn't rob you of everything you own. He will possibly steal your weed, blunt clips, lighter, cigarette, or ash all over your floors. Begging is usual for akid. Sometimes, he might even meet up with you just to get smoked up and leave immediately afterwards.
Fucking akid stole my blunt, ashed all over my car floor, and robbed 20 dollars out of my glove compartment
by Cblaze52 September 05, 2016
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