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Akacia, not a name, not a person, but an angel... sometimes. She can often look like a sweet little angel but don't mess with her or her friends. She is a BAD ASS BITCH and I say this in the best possible way. She has beautiful short dark brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes (that occasionally change their color) she is the best of the best friends. If you have an Akacia don't ever let go!!! She is such a strong person, she sticks through the fights and the problems. If you don't have an Akacia your missing out!!! She makes up the most hilarious things!! And her laugh is very beautiful, even though she doesn't like it.
Akacia: Amazing Friend

Beautiful daughter
by Auria N. July 10, 2018
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Awesome, and her favorite show is Justin Bieber. her favorite food is pb&j sandwhich. she like to hit alot of people because its funny
IDK Akacia read top
by Mike Jones2400 August 07, 2011
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