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Airzel is a bootylicious fun,amazing,beautiful,smart,bad ass bitch, female who ain't afraid to put a bitch in her place . She is also the sweetest person on Earth she ain't no pussy and is an amazing friend all aitzels are 😍😍
Guy1:who is she?
Guy2:oh that's aitzel!
Guy1: Damn shawty fine af
Guy2:mhm you want her number ?
Guy1:hell yeah
by Skittlesgang February 19, 2019
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Aitzel is such a great girlfriend ! She always make ur night and she's really hard to get at with all those guys that be hitting on her. She's wonderful, cute, amazing In any way. Once u make her happy she will literally love you. She can be get nice but once u do her wrong she will never talk to you ever again. Protect her bc she sometimes suicidal but with ur love she will do anything to be happy
Wow aitzel...U and that guy Victor would make a great couple
by Uggero April 22, 2018
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