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Precise etymology, unkown. But thought to be derived from Northern Froth, a 9th Century vernacular tongued in Lochaber and the Western Isles: "Eh, Ken... {thud!}".

A Scottish surname, synonymous with an olive-skinned clan of Norman extraction, whose ancestors headed North to civilise Caledonia after taking Palermo in 1072.

Also an adoptive name or sobriquet given to newly initiated gangmembers in Mexico City, displaying precocisty in the disciplines of taco stand-thieving and male-to-female wrestling.

A Mexican-Spanish byword for virility, male fertility, sexual prowess or legendary laddishness.

A derogatory term, also in Mexican-Spanish, for ladies who look a bit blokey.
On successfully robbing a taco stand/cuckolding a rival gangmember

"Hombre! Estás un verdadero Equenjedo, no?"

"Man! - You're a real Aitkenhead, aren't you?"

On seeing an unfortunately mishapen/cave-drewlling woman

"Eh, tío! - Mirala! - Está un grave Equenjedo allí!"
"Hey, dude! - Check her out! - There's a serious Aitkenhead over there!"
by Belgian Smeg August 17, 2011
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