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Aislinn is the most beautiful and divine girl in the world, she is breath taking and staring into her eyes is like looking at the stars in the moonlit sky, she is oblivious of how perfect she is and that she makes her boyfriend the luckiest guy in the universe and that he never wants to let his Aislinn go
"Dude did you see Aislinn and her boyfriend"
"Yeah man I'm so jealous he's so lucky"
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by Kcdoodles August 05, 2016
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She has the biggest heart, and is the smartest and funniest person alive. Once you meet Aislinn you will never want to let her go. She lights up the room with her smile and can make everyone feel like they're the only person in the world that matters.
I just got to see Aislinn, it was the best day ever!
by sillykitty August 04, 2013
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A very gorgeous girl. This girl usually has the prettiest eyes in the world. When around her you laugh a lot and watch awesome movies. A girl named Aislinn is hot and sexy and everyone wants to be around her. Anyone would be lucky to have a girl named Aislinn as a friend as she brightens everyone's day wi her smile and laugh. Aislinn's are extremely loyal but don't lose her trust, it is very hard to gain back. This girl is nice and friendly and just wants to have fun. She's simple and fun loving. An Aislinn loves to make jokes and has a great time with guys. She is also hurt easily and is emotionally detached at times.
Aislinn is beautiful, funny and nice. She is so cool I wish I were her friend.
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by Billy and bob joe November 16, 2016
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A name that means vision of beauty. This person is very sweet and caring but shouldn't be hurt.
Wow Aislinn is an extremely nice person.
by Buddy Beach March 19, 2007
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Irish Translation for dream or beautiful vision. Total legend, good looking, usually tall girl, Sexy, Awesome person by heart
shes such a aislinn... helping them old people
by Casandra83 November 20, 2008
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A beautiful girl with dark hair. She is very smart and is very good at poetry. Usually has been through hard times. Also came be a heart breaker! She will be the biggest heart ache if she doesn't like you.
"Have you seen Aislinn?"

"Yeah... She broke my heart..."
by WantingWhatYouCantHave May 08, 2013
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A beautiful girl who believes in santa and the easter bunny. She will always be with you. While your sleeping. In the shower. Always.
"Oh my goodness Aislinn is hiding over in that bush!"
by Rainingbooks June 18, 2016
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