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Airyonna is an amazingly gorgeous girl. Some would call her jaw dropping. Shes usually very athletic and involved in sports. She loves food. Shes very shy when you first meet her and she has a lot of trust issues. Shes super fun to be around and she loves to be sexual at times, but not all the time, and even though she likes to be sexual, shes very shy to actually do anything.
Random dude: Brooooooo that girls super thick she must be an Airyonna!!
by dog_lover_816 November 25, 2018
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A beautiful girl who tends to be shy. She is usually very athletic, but at the same time, she can be extremely lazy. She attracts a lot of boys, but doesn't date very much, so if you are in a relationship with an Airyonna, you are one lucky person..Just don't go away if she isn't very open at first. She's just not that type of person
Hot Guy1; Dude, look at that girl over there! She has to be an Airyonna
Hot Guy2; Your sooo right.but she probs already has a boyfriend, so don't bother trying
Airyonna to friend; I hate being single
by dog_lover_816 May 19, 2018
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Airyonna~ A gorgeous girl with super Intelligence. A girl who is involved in many sports, and usually gone to for love advice.

Airyonna usually has many friends and loves Italian food.
Hot guy 1: "holy crap, she must be an Airyonna" Hot guy 2: "jesus, she's a hottie. She MUST be an Airyonna"
by TheNameDefine November 23, 2016
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