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she is the one that you will see as happy-go-lucky person, but in reality she is hiding what ever that will let her down. kind of mystery girl, because you rarely see she is in a bad day. she is strong enough eventhough she doesnt realize it.

Furthemore, you will be happy to be around her because she will definitely brights up your day. she is a shy girl initially but once she becomes comfort to talk with you, and you will find she is cute.

she loves to be pampered by people around her. the one that easy to cry because she is so emotional even if it is not related with her life. cherish her if she tells you her secret because she only will story em' to the one that she really really trust to. she has a high ego too, but she will let it go when it comes to the one she loves the most.
A:who is the girl who are laughing out loud just now

B: Ainna.

A: Seriously? she is the one who are so decent that i met before right?

B: yeah, she is so behave infront of anyone that she just know, she is shy i think.
by Scrap pap pap December 28, 2017
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Ain't this so? Has been regional also in parts of northeastern Wisconsin, particularly near Bear Creek. Common there a generation ago. See also "Inso"
Sure been raining a lot, ainna?
by John R. Meyer July 28, 2007
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someone who's impulsive, adventurous, impatient -- often a female, ainna enjoys being outside and soaking the rays of the sun. she finds joy in cleanliness and organization, but finds her life to be messy more often than not. ainna's enjoy trying new things and making changes -- ainna's have a hard time settling for one single lifestyle or schedule.
"did you hear ainna gave away all her furniture away for free and moved to a new state?"
"i mean, it's ainna -- i'm not surprised"
by tinyainy July 09, 2017
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