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A truly beautiful person. An Ailene encounter is something to remember, a friendship with an Ailene, is something to be treasured for a lifetime. A strong, sweet-hearted person that doesn't like when people let down on their promises. The best friend you could ever attain. Do not try to take advantages of Ailenes because they will become very sad and feel like it is their fault. Remember if you meet one, treat them right, and you will remember your time with them as the best time ever. A person to laugh with, cry with, and share secrets, and make super dumb jokes with, but you will always laugh the loudest with an Ailene around. No person is ever quite like an Ailene, because they're each unique. Keep them close to your heart and cherish them forever and they will return the favor 5 times better.
Ailene is a mighty sweet and beautiful friend, there's none other like her!
by utahforlife April 04, 2012
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A maskhole jogged right past me in the park today
by Bethinslope May 11, 2020
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Hard to define, yet there is a definite characteristic of strength and independence in people with the name Ailene. The name carries a legacy of determination and strong elegance.
That Ailene, she is one amazing woman.
by KayeAilene June 21, 2011
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