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Aigul is a girl who is very sexy, intelligent, strong and knows how to hypnotize a man. Aiguls are usually vindictive, so be good to her, hurting or offending her is not good for your health at all. Secretive, passionate, bitter, devoted, commited, loyal, sarcastic, successful, generous, fair and so damn hottttt!
A: That Aigul is so hot!
B: Beware, she's a dangerous babe!
by dandang January 13, 2011
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Aigul is a feminine name with Asian-Turkic origin and means β€˜moonflower’ (or β€˜moon rose’ in Turkish). It is very common in Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia. This name goes very well with any Turkic languages.
That girl's name is Aigul. I think she is from Central Asia or Turkey.
by freezingfog February 03, 2010
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