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He is the most Awesome dude you will ever meet all the chicks should give him a BJ. His dick is also massive and he is known for how good in bed he is! He is a fucking legend!
Aidin is a Awesome mother fucker!!!
by fuckertuckerchucker August 23, 2011
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Aidin is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He has a wonderful personality. If you know any Aidin then you would know that their laugh is the cutest, their smile is the brightest, and their heart of gold can brighten up a room. You can most likey find Aidin playing video games, listening to music, and caring for his siblings if he has any. Aidin's are really easy to talk to and will always make tou laugh. Aidin is the most honest, kind, sweetest, hot guy you will ever meet and once you meest him you can never let him go and once you like him you will love him more than you think
Hey is that Aidin. Wow I really like him I wish he would date me
by Ilysm123 September 19, 2018
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Aydin is an online dater who dates people online. Aidin exposes innocent people faces and acts like it was nothing. Aidin is an actual fuckboy. He betrays your trust and will go behind your back. He's just a heartless man with no feelings. He will hurt you. Never trust an Aidin
Ever heard of an Aidin?
No, sounds like a dumb name
Yeah, cause it is
by iukasodasdasd December 30, 2018
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