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Someone who is 15 or over and never kissed a girl in real life so he dates over a video game with someone he never met before in his life. Most common in Runescape since everyone over level 90 does it.
geek23244: Hi dragon
Dragon454363: Hey hun <3
geek23244: *follows dragon in circles* i love you so much! whats ur real name?
Dragon454363: Im tom r u a girl?
geek23244: ur supposed to be the girl! oh well.
Kid with a life: get a life online dater fags and real dates
Online daters: stfu noob we pwn j00
by n000ooo000ooo000ooob March 03, 2007
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When You Play ROBLOX (Raise A Baby) And Meet This Cute Looking Girl, Then Suddenly Your Dick Appears In Your Hands.
(Jack) "Do You See That Expensive Bitch Over There?" (Jill) "Yep, She's Definitely An Online Dater."
by Fuck n' Suck May 14, 2018
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"Online Dating" is the most terrible thing that you can do.

Who is over 15 years old. If he/she can't find someone, then he/she starting to Online Date
But actually, some kids under 15 years old Online Dating too..
Online Dating can trick people. There is a lot of "Online Daters" in websites.

Like Online Dating Website and stuff. There is a game called ROBLOX made at 2006. After 2015 ODers captured the game called "ROBLOX" because of kids. Online dating is the worst thing that you can do.
Online Dater = Someone who is online dating.
Michael: John I am so alone. I can't find someone.
John: Then online date! If you dare to be Online Dater
Michael: This is terrible idea.
John: I know
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by Türk Gücü January 27, 2018
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someone who is so desperate for love, he has to look for it over a computer screen with someone he never met in real life.
my friend sits in his basement all day flirting with girls that for all he knows could be guys. poor him, never had a chance with real love. hes an online dater, and he needs pyschological help.
by facelesskill September 21, 2007
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Stupid fucking nigger(s) who decides to find love in virtual video games, mostly being on mobile games.
Keep in mind that these online daters are just horny KIDS usually ages 5-13. They will grow out of it... eventually.
They usually wear clothes they find attractive, like Supreme, Nike, other official brands or they will just straight up wear naked clothing. If a game has a matchmaking system (Ex: Pixel Gun 3D) ODers will always name their servers they made "first to join gets gf" or "say 123 for bf".
Online dater: ey nigger got on ur knees and suck on my cock you stupid pussy nigga
online dater: k
by Ezo. May 25, 2018
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