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Ahh, ok. Basically something people will say when they can't think of anything else to say. Can be used in place of lol and :P
Person 1: I'm gonna go to the movies with Tara tomorrow, should be good.
Person 2: Ahh k
Person 1: After that I think we'll go back to my place.
Person 2: Lol
Person 1: You know you don't have to respond to everything I say with something meaningless.
Person 2: Ahh k
Person 1: You're a douche, stop that.
Person 2: Ahh k
by Turbophoenix October 17, 2009
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ahhk a word of hating or despise of somthing that you have to do or the annoyice of somthing and or a state of annoyice of somthing.
in the morning you don't want to get up but you have to. so you do somthing like roll over on your side and say ahhk. (in your annoyice).
by zachary coin April 29, 2004
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