Green-brown eyes, tall, and usually plays guitar. His voice is quiet, but he sings well and doesn't fail to make you laugh. One of your favorite things will be the sound of his voice as he's holding back a smile. Shy around people he doesn't know, but once you're friends, Aharnish is a friend you'll treasure forever.
Girl 1: Is that Aharnish? He's so good at guitar!

Girl 2: He sings too <3

Boy 1: What an absolute unit

Boy 3: I love Aharnish, he's so cool
Boy 2: Facts bro
by santas_ lingerie May 08, 2021
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A cultured person,
Anime tiddies expert,
Silent Menacer,
Believes girls don't exist.
Cultured Weeb
He is as cultured as Aharnish.
What an Aharnish person he is!
by NotAharnish February 17, 2020
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