A word used by a babog baby frog when talking to its mumog mother frog

It generally means they are happy.
M - How are you darling?
B - Agoo!!
by babog24/7 April 8, 2009
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Guy 1: I think Bianca and Jade are funny
Guy 2: Well, that depends what you mean by funny...
Guy 1: Geez, you're so agoo!
by Princess Cheuk May 31, 2015
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Agoos is code for the poink of hair sticking in the back of the head of the ring. The language of origin is “Code 503” and can be derived from the bimc of Eyandrayew’s head.
I thought... ought. We were... ere. A teem. Eem. Because of agoos... oos.
by Spencer The Druggie (STD) February 5, 2018
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a word used when someone says something stupid.
Allison: omgg, the sky is soo bluee!

Quin: agoo.
by deedvo. May 10, 2010
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the definition of wordscape legend, wordscape athlete, the archetype, better than joola.
Oh! He is Agoo! not Julia! GHEHEHEHEH
by wordscapedemon February 23, 2022
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