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Like an Agnostic, an Agnosta-Chewy believes that the truth value (value indicating the relation of a proposition to truth) of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity is unknown or unknowable. However, they hold to the belief that if in fact there were to be a higher being, such as a God, out there, that higher being would have a nougaty center. As of now there is only one sect of Agnosta-Chewists, but they have plans to attempt to spread their belief to others. Just as some religions have High Priests each sect of Agnosta-Chewists have a leader-like figure known as the High Five Priest. The High Five Priest's only given duty thus far is to give and recieve high fives, as well as incourage the use of the high five among others and to be there to talk, or to just listen, to any Agnosta-Chewy who may be in need of someone to talk to. Every High Five Priest is responsible to report the activities of the sect that they lead to the High Five Pope, the highest ranking of all Agnosta-Chewists. The slogan of the Agnosta-Chewists is "Potential Redemption Never Tasted So Good." Currently the Agnosta-Chewist do not have a logo for their religion. All information given above is as of October 15, 2010 and subject to change as time goes on.

Some Terms
Name Of The Religion: Agnosta-Chewy
One Of The Religion: an Agnosta-Chewy
Many Of The Religion: Agnosta-Chewists (Plural of Agnosta-Chewy)
Practice Of The Religion: Agnosta-Chewism
Christian Zealot: God loves you and everyone. He will save you.
Agnosta-Chewy: Prove it, and if you manage to then you will find that he has a nougaty center.

Athiest: There is no way that a god can exist.
Agnosta-Chewy: Prove it, and if you can't that means there is still an equal possibility that he does exist, and if he does, he has a nougaty center.
by HighFivePope October 14, 2010
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