1) Noun (ah-`gress-uv · `dee-fents) Aggressive Defense is a positional element in a team based conflict environment. Commonly mistaken as 'out of position,' when really a tactical deployment of team assets in unusual but cunning locations.
2) Noun (uh… WT`F¿) A naturally occurring situational event where a defender is caught in a role reversal anomaly. Usually associated with lack of practice, discipline or map awareness in a team based conflict.
3) Adj. (ah-`gress-uv · `dee-fents-uv) A descriptive of the Aggressively Defensive entity.
4) Split Infinitive (ah-`gress-uv-lee · `dee-fend) The phenomenon of existence of an Aggressive Defender.
5) Noun (ah-`gress-uv · `dee-fents) In 5v5 CTF, when a defender ends up defending outside the normal zone of defense, past the mid point of the map.
1) We have one down; two incoming from the lower left... and someone please take out that god damn aggressive defenseman near our base entrance.
2) Ok, the base is overrun. Where is our defense? WTF, why did CiraZe grab the flag? I thought he was on defense... OMFG...
3) There he goes again, off to play his aggressively defensive game...
4) Ok guys, these noobs suck so bad, our goal is to have nobody in base, and to aggressively defend the entire match. Offense, bring us home the victory please.
5) How is it, raZe, that you ended up defending in their flag room? - CiraZe, just playing Aggressive Defense, it seems to be working...
by [Ci]raZe October 12, 2004
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