An extremely rare hybrid form of Marijuana known for it's exotic blue hue. Possibly the highest quality Marijuana on the market, it's also know as Kronic Blue. Agent Blue is hard to come by and expensive as all get out. If you can actually find someone to sell it, it will cost you at least $50 a gram, sometimes it can go for as much as $100 per gram. Unless you are a seasoned pothead, one hit of Agent blue will keep you high for up to 24 hours. Supposedly it takes twice as long for it to leave your system as well, so make sure you don't have a drug test anytime soon if you plan on hitting it.
Man, I took one hit of that Agent Blue and I am high as a mother fucker!
by Zen Master April 25, 2005
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A really cracking band from Stoke on trent. They have toured with The Music The Other The Coral Kasabian etc. Go on thier website irs
"Wow that band rock, what did you say they were called?"
by Mickey April 21, 2005
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