Agali is an extremely talented individual, and athletic. An Agali would go on to play sports at a D1 college to play baseball, basketball, and volleyball. Many Agali's have good grades, along with very strict parents. They are very different in and outside of school. Many Agali's special in ELA, Math, and Physical Education. With all of an Agali's activities, he has a very busy life. Also, although he gets good grades, he rarely gets his homework done before school starts and hardly studies for tests. He is just naturally smart!
Agali just crushed me with his incredible dunk!
by Muy Intelligente December 15, 2019
An Ugly, dumb nigga that isn't funny and is a lonely virgin that sits home and does nothing and has no friends. No one will ever love him, if you ever meet an Agali you should keep your distance and never talk to them for your better health
Girl:Woah is that a cool guy
Smart people:No that’s an Agali
by McKune September 21, 2019