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One who drinks alcoholic beverages suited for African Americans.
"Dude, hold off on the Hennessy. I think you're turning into an Afroholic."
by K1232xX May 23, 2018
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- A person who filters everything through a strainer of hyper-racial sensitivity.

- Everything is has racial oppression and degradation hidden in it.

- Anything negative is a synonym for these particular African Americans who are totally intoxicated with Darkside of the color Black.

- For instance: Black Mail, Black List, Black Plague, Black Magic, A Black Eye, Black Ice, Black Friday, The Men In Black, Black Widow, Black Sheep, A Black Hole, Black Out, Black Ball (the 8 ball in pool), Black Cats and so on and so forth, all reflect deep racial connotations.

" I voted, but Ray- Ray was too scared to vote for Obama, cuz he thinks the KKK just gonna kill him anyway.


"Ray-Ray so stupid, he's sucha afroholic!"

2. ~Son:

" Momma I ain't goin back to school, no mo! That techa a racist!"

"What happened?"

"She kept saying I need to pay attention to the Black Board, when I'm in her class!"
"You just like your dumb daddy, you lil' afroholic!"
by ItNeededToBeSaid December 15, 2009
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