1. Commonly known as a person who is an offspring of one African person and one Caucasian person. May also be African and Asian, but never Malaysian.

2. A respectable way to refer to one's self of mixed race. Often considered superior to mulatto. The person may believe to be royalty of their own race.

3. A person of different decent who truly identifies with both African and Caucasian cultures. He or she believes to be this.
ex 1. Shanikwa was born with a black mother and a white father, she identifies herself as an Africasion.

ex 2. On The Shanikwa Shanikwa Show, Shanikwa looks into the camera with doting eyes and addresses her YouTube audience,"Gurrl, please... I'm an Africasion Queen Bitch!"

ex 3. When Joey looks into the mirror, he does not see that he is white. He does not see that he is black. He is an Africasion.
by j17productions May 5, 2009
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