Something / someone pleasing to the eye

-Kim Taehyung.
“Have you see Taehyung lately?”

“Yeah he’s beautiful”
“I know, he’s Aesthetically pleasing
by Tae-is-nsfw July 16, 2018
The most phonetically pleasing word set in the English language. Also can be used to annoy your friends
Friend 1: "Dang, check out that girl, she's aesthetically pleasing"
Friend 2: "Bitch shut up"
by BensMother April 1, 2017
In other words, fly.
"Damn dude, did you see that girl in the red?"
"Hell yeah, she looks so aesthetically pleasing."
"...Who the fuck says that?"
"I do."
by KDaviss September 26, 2009
Josh Dun is just a sight for the eyeballs and although he sometimes looks like he was dressed by a toddler he is extremely aesthetically pleasing have you seen him flipping?
Josh dun is just so aesthetically pleasing, look at him! He's adorable
by LivingDeadBrat September 14, 2019