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A funny girl who always has the solution to everything shes a keeper badass good at basketball she can lighten your mood whenever you are down and can still be friends with her ex
Yo bro is that aeisha over there?
Yeah bro she's cute. I dated her before, i was a complete jerk to her when we were gong out but she still was friendly to me after. She's a keeper dude
by Shutterfly120 November 19, 2017
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Fine ass basketball player that can easily get anybody she wants. She’s smart,beautiful,talented,and a flirt. It’s not easy to date an aeisha so if she dates you your very lucky.
Yooo that girl good asf at basketball and she sexy. What’s her name?

Oh her, yeah bro that’s Aeisha I’ve been tryna get her number for months but she never budged
by Provenfactssss June 04, 2018
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