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Where advertising and entertainment converge, Advertainment creates a lasting memory in the minds of viewers by engaging them through visual storytelling. Advertainment is a shift away from product-centric messaging and has become the most powerful strategy for marketers to create an authentic emotional connection with their brand.

Branded content or brand clips, commercials vignettes that are packaged like mini-movies and barely mention the advertiser’s name.
Brian Dnazis, Chief Revenue Officer at Virool was quoted saying "This is the year of advertainment!" More and more advertisers are shifting towards creating entertaining and meaningful advertainment rather than 15 - 30 second infomercials.
by Slim10 February 25, 2015
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Media that advertises a product or brand whilst entertaining.
The Citroen adverts with the giant dancing robot which is a car would be described as Advertainment
by The Panda March 05, 2006
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