The best 1D fan fic (I and millions of other people think) by far. It is written, animated, voiced by, and directed (he pretty much did EVERYTHING) by Mark Alan Parsons. In the video, all of the pussycats are kidnapped by Lord Faptuguise, and the 5 boys of One Direction try to rescue the pussycats and stop Lord Faptuguise. It is rumored that on September 18th, 2012, there will be a second video with the boy's actual voices. But, it is not certain that this will happen yet.
Person 1: OMG Have you seen this video called 'The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction' on youtube yet??
Person 2: Are you KIDDING ME?!?!? I have seen that video so much that I practically make up HALF of their views.
Person 1: Me too. That Mark Alan Parsons guy is a GENIUS. Oh, and what do you call a 2,000 pound spanish toilet??
Person 1&2 in harmony: EL TON JOHN!!!!!! :D
Person 3: You guys have lost your minds...

Person 1: Our minds have been gone. What rock have you been living under?!?!
by taytheketchuplover June 27, 2012
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The greatest show ever made. I HIGHLY recommend that you watch it. It is about a teenage boy named Finn and a shape-shifting dog named Jake. Together they go on adventures in the land of Ooo with all their other friends. This is not just some crazy random cartoon (although it kinda starts like that in season 1 and 2). It gets very emotional once you get to season 3 and it'll get worse towards the end (by "worse" I mean a LOT of crying).
"Adventure Time is the most meaningful and emotional show in the world"
by LeftSideTwix February 4, 2019
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This show raised people and taught everyone what friendship is. This show will forever be in everyone's heart to remind us that life can be an adventure with imagination. Thank you Fin and Jake for everything.
Any person: What time is it

Me: Adventure Time!
by dinners ready December 5, 2018
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To mark your territory in an adventurous place. More simply, to piss wherever you want. Toilets are for the weak. Much more difficult for women, but definitely worth the liberating feeling.
Highlight of my weekend: when I adventure peed in Paris. No way was I paying for a gross public bathroom when I could claim Paris as my own.
by whatshenanniegans October 28, 2013
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A podcast where four people (Travis, Justin, Clint and Griffin) play the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. It is found on iTunes and It's really funny!
Person 1: "You like D&D?"
Person 2: " Yeah. Why?"
Person 1: "Then watch The Adventure Zone!"
by TheUltimateNerd August 11, 2016
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An ill fated trip which with hindsight was a mistake, but no lesson is learned from this mistake. Usually, those who take part must walk many miles to get home, from the ill fated location in which the muldoon occurance occured.

Originates from the misprenunciation of "El Dude", a fraternity in which both members took part in unsucessful adventures.
That party was so lame last night.
I know, just another muldoon adventure.

I have a feeling tonight is gonna be a muldoon adventure.

Saturday was just a muldoon adventure.
by Dildo Appreciation Society October 22, 2010
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