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A type of online role play in which you MUST be literate. Multiple line and paragraph post, good spelling, and proper grammar are a MUST!
Use "for dialog" and NO *action*
If you try to role play like that in an advanced section, you WILL be eaten alive!
This is just a snippet of what an Advanced Role Play should look like, there is a heck of a lot more than just these to post from one.

Yuuki: It was getting midday as Arura walked through the forest. Other than the animals of the forest that would some times come up to her for a moment, then run off, she was alone. But, knowing the potential dangers, she carried with her bow and quiver filled with arrows, though she hoped to not use them. She breathed in the cool, autumn air. It was soothing to her.

Figuring there was no one within ear distance, she began to hum a soft melody. And as she continued on, it began to grow into a wordless song. It was carried through the trees by the wind, harmonizing with the songs of nature.

Wolfgang: Ahmose slipped through the trees as silently as the animals that made it their homes. His movements weren't quite as fluid as theirs or the elves that lived so closely with them, but it served just as well. The singing served him well to hone in on his target as he hunted. Small hand signs were made with his left hand as his right carried a sword. His target was usually alone on her walks but could be armed. Besides she could be secretly meeting someone who he'd have to deal with.

Suddenly he found the path. Ahmose stopped and backed off into the trees again, listening for the voice which still rang out clear. She was past him already, good. He followed the path, noting a few more animals present than he'd seen before, odd since it was so near a path. Finally he saw her ahead of him and leaped softly, almost floated, up to a tree branch.

She was certainly beautiful, by human and elven standards, and he took a moment to admire her. After that moment was passed he sheathed his sword and raised his left hand before him, beginning the endless sequence it'd be going through once more from the beginning. Halfway through he breathed a single word, and launched himself forward. He rocketed forward to the next tree and the next until he was level with her. He leaped down and stood right next to her, roughly grabbing her arm as he raised his left hand once more, the sequence finishing just as he did.

There was a rushing feeling and then... They were in a clearing with two horses, an empty fire ring, and a few supplies. Several miles from where they had just been.
by Yuuki_Rin_Morra January 17, 2009
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