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The third part of the Advance Wars Series (the fourth is Battalion Wars, which doesn't have the word Advance Wars in it...and it will probably bring shame to the Advance Wars Frachise). First there was Advance Wars, then Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and now Advance Wars Duel Strike. This is the ongoing story of the 4 nations, Orange Star, Blue moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth, and their struggle with the evil military force, the Black Hole Army. After the wars with Black Hole in Cosmo and Macro Land, Black Hole has struck in Omega land. Responding two this threat, Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth, have combines to form the Allied Nations, and have headed toward Omega Land, to stop black Hole once and for all. When they arrive, they meet new Commanding Officers, like Orange stars Rachel and jake, and Blue Moons Sasha, Yellow Comets Grimm, and Green Earths Xavier. And there are new units, like the Aircraft Carrier, Mega Tank, and Stealth Fighters. But Black Hole has some tricks up their sleeve, they have new Commanding Officers as well, Jugger, Lord Von Volt, Kindle, and Koal, plus they have new equipment as well, the Black Boat, the Black Bomb, and the Pipe Runner. And so it begins.
If you look at each of the different nations CO's and Unit look (all have the same type of units, but depending on what nations CO you have, depends on power, and look)
Orange Stars Units and CO's would be our equivalents to the Americans

Blue moons CO's and Units would be our equivalent to the Soviets...or Russia...basicaly same is just less evil)

Yellow Comets CO's and Units would be that of Japan..or...Asian

And Green Earth would be that of Germany...well...the Foot Soldiers are definately german...but the vehicles are just messed up...but I haven't seen new german military maybe, but they are German.

And Black Hole would be that of....I don't know
Advance Wars DS is only available for the Nintendo DS
Whats that....holy crap...that...huge monstrosity of a tank....just completely decimated my group of neotanks!
by Mustache Man August 25, 2005
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