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She is a well being person, who won’t take no shit. She is very organized and put together; and is never a mess. She is single only by choice. And is very caring. If you hurt her, she won’t care; if you hurt her friends in the other hand she will come after you. And she will be the last thing you see for awhile.

She is the definition of a bad bitch. You don’t wanna fuck with her
Friend: Adryanna, person issaulted me!
Adryanna: give me a second the go fuck them up!
by I is person February 14, 2018
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Adryanna is the smartest girl she is cute asf she has blonde hair beautiful blue eye and she don't take no for an answer and she loves the people she is with.
Damn who is that I need a adryanna
Dang I love her blue eyes.
by Dhfjdjxktkcm April 19, 2018
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