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A super cute girl, who always makes you smile and never says the wrong thing. she definitely is the best girl youll ever meet
by lolool January 13, 2012
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Adriauna is the most intelligent girl you’ll meet. She may keep things to herself at times, but has a great personality. Very beautiful, smart, and one of a kind. You’ll never meet anyone else like Adriauna. Usually super funny, and will always make you laugh!
Adriauna is looking very cute today, like always.
by Penapizza May 11, 2018
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Adriauna is the nicest person you’ll ever meet, but she could also ruin your life. Adriauna doesn’t take no shit but can’t stand up for herself. Adriauna know to just take what’s thrown at her because she cares about everyone. Adriauna always puts everyone’s else’s feelings before her own. Adriauna is quite and to herself in school but out side of school she’s a party animal. Adriauna isn’t popular but she really doesn’t know why she is . Adriauna absolutely hates gym class. Adriauna is thick slim brown hair and almost black eyes. Adriauna is very smart in everything but math so people think she stupid, but she can surprise you. Adriauna keeps to herself a lot she’s really sad angry and depressed inside. She wants to be extremely successful in life and she can be if she believes in herself. She likes sports but doesn’t like to be treated like she can’t play them. Adriauna is multitalented she can sing like a angel, play the saxophone etc. Adriauna can really sing ! Adriauna has a heart of gold and its huge to fit her huge and crazy family in it. Adriauna is very strong . Adriauna takes a lot of blows but never lets them phase her . Adriauna could really rock your world if you let her. Adriauna has the nicest ass at her school. Adriauna is very competitive and always wants to win at every thing.
Adriauna is really talented I wished I would have realized sooner
by Fuckyou1667 November 07, 2018
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