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One of the funniest guys in the world. Probably best known for his television show Bottom, he commonly appears alongside Rik Mayall, who's also fucking halarious. He's married to Jennifer Saunders, who's probably the funniest woman I have ever seen.
Ava: Hey, did you catch Bottom last night?
Vivian: No, I missed it! I need my Adrian Edmondson fix, or I'll die, slowly and painfully.
by freddy2fan April 29, 2008
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Adrian trained in studio drama at Manchester University, where he met Rik Mayall and formed the partnership that was to become Twentieth Century Coyote. In 1977 he took a one-man show to the National Student Drama Festival, and Twentieth Century Coyote appeared at the Edinburgh Festival to great critical acclaim and media interest; the show was recorded for Radio 4.

After Edinburgh came a period of touring with various two-man shows throughout Britain, until Adrian joined the number of talented artists then appearing at London’s Comedy Store. Throughout 1979 and 1980 Adrian made numerous appearances on the growing comedy circuit before going on to co-found the Comic Strip at the Boulevard Theatre in late 1980. He appeared in 29 episodes of The Comic Strip Presents... second only to creator Peter Richardson, playing different roles including Dick in the Five Go Mad… episodes and Vim Fuego, lead singer of Bad News – the subject of two send-up documentaries setting the scene for Spinal Tap!

Edmondson turned his hand to writing, penning six of the episodes, including the Bad News documentaries – the second of which he directed. He also directed Private Enterprise.

He went on to create the iconic character of Vyvyan Basterd in The Young Ones and teamed up once again with Rik Mayall to create the hugely successful BBC comedy Bottom. This partnership continued with the feature film Guest House Paradiso in 1999 and a series of Bottom live tours. Married to his Comic Strip co-star Jennifer Saunders, Adrian continued his long-term support of Comic Relief by appearing in 2005’s Comic Relief does Fame Academy.
Adrian Edmondson is an awesome comedian, along with Rik Mayall.
by kingmustard May 24, 2005
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