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When an adolescent girl who goes to private or catholic school is required to wear tights, pantyhose, or knee socks as part of their school uniform and wears socks under them when dressed for school.

This term originated because girls that attend St Hubert Catholic High School For Girls in Philadelphia would wear Adidas Sandals going to and from school where guys would look at their feet hoping to see their toes when infact they were wearing socks and were denied that privilege. This term is now widely used by guys in the Philadelphia and Southern NJ area.
Dude I was at Dunkin Donuts at Cottman and Torresdale this morning picking up some breakfast on my way to work. All these girls came in from that school across the street and they were wearing adidas sandals. I wanted to see their feet but when I looked down I was Hubert Denied because those bitches were wearing socks under their tights. What the hell is that about??
by The Jax August 05, 2009
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