Richmond, VA

The Capital City where all roads lead
Dude, after law school are you going to work in a firm in the mecca?
by Flash January 19, 2005
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A holy city for Muslims. Located in Saudi Arabia. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived in Mecca once.
I have to go to Mecca to make hajj.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 2, 2005
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A very beautiful girl that can be insecure a lot of time about some of the littlest things. Always looks for help from friends, and tends to be either very popular or a outcast there is no in between. Easily be made mad and may seem very week but is actually unusually strong. Also can fit in any friend group really because of fun personality and is a great girlfriend because of there romantic-ness and adventure drived soul.Plus she is very smart but acts like she's not so she wont be labeled that, and she's very funny and will always keep a smile on your face. So if you ever meet a Mecca keep her.
Yo man, I found this girl Mecca she's so pretty and has a great personality.
by Haisha Smith June 18, 2017
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In everyday language it's an honourable mention; The center of any given thing, area or activity.

The word originally comes from the arabic city name of Mecca which is considered the 'centre of Islam'.
Google is the mecca of internet searches
McDonald's is the mecca of hamburger meals
Barnes & Noble is the mecca of books
London is the mecca of museums
India is the mecca of curry food
by Erik­­ October 6, 2008
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Very strong person with natural beauty. Can be easily made mad and acts on instinct in almost any given situation. Very aggressive and defensive. You wouldn't want to be in an argument with this person because will loose.
Mecca is very strong.
by LoveYou21 July 26, 2011
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A place that attracts many vistors. The centre of culture and activity in urban spaces.
Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand. Full of cafes, secondhand book stores, womens bookstores, designer clothing, dogs in cafes, creative people in a hive of activity. Mecca is the centre of culture and activity in a urban setting.
by josu April 6, 2006
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1. Harlem, NY. The reference began during the Harlem Renaissance, when Harlem was considered the epicenter of the world for black culture, artist, and intellectuals.

2. A holy city in Saudi Arabia.

3. A hip hop clothing line, that was created by Tony Shellman, in 1993, who also co-founded a clothing line called "Enyce" in 1996.
by Evil D. September 13, 2006
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