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The name of the coolest kid you'll ever meet.
He's brown; need I say more?

Adhithya has an incredible sense of humor, the most admirable sense of respect and he cares for anyone he meets. Sure to become a great doctor, he will save your life better than any Superman could, except with a cuter smile, a better mustache and sexier muscles.

Adhithya is a bit timid at first, but he can get along with everyone, and he can make anyone smile -- the best friend you can have when you're sad (or well anytime at all). He'll keep your secrets and never treat you wrong.. even though he may sometimes have a bit of an ego. But that's always just poking fun.

Smartest in the class, but always the most modest. Thoughtful and always full of responses and compliments and teases. And pokes.

You don't want to let this kid walk out of your life.
A: Whoa.. Some brown kid just blew my mind away
B: Musta been Adhithya
On aim:
A: *poke*
B: who is this?
A: only the guy with the sexiest mustache ever :)
and the muscles that everybody else (my brother) wish they had.
B: oh, hey Adhithya! :D
by jesscee August 19, 2011
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This guy has a big hairy you-know-what.

That's right, A Super Sexy Mustache.

Not only does this compliment this amazing kid's beautiful face but it also aids him in his medical pursuits allowing him to cure previously incurable and avoided ailments including lack of sexism and loss of facial hair.

And if you don't love his hair who'll always love his heart ;)
When he smiles,
the whole world stops and stands for a while,
cause his -stache is amaziiiing,
just the way it is! Ohh.....

Person 1: Dude, I bet I have the biggest muscles in the world!
Person 2: Dude, I bet I have the manliest mustache in the world.
Person 3: Dude, I bet I have the best medical skills in the world!
Person 1: Lets go check online!
(1,2,3 go and check the Guinness World Records)
Person 1,2,3: Who the fuck is Adhithya!!!!!!
by Adhi's True Friend August 20, 2011
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