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Its where all the old people from Weybridge got dumped by their kids
theres 6 old peoples homes in addlestone which means the old people out number us...
by addlestonian January 12, 2012
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A lovely little town in the county of Surrey that is more upper class then Chertsey but is not as posh as Weybridge; two neighbouring towns.

It is well known for it's old gnarly oak tree named the crouch oak which is commonly used for local business names. The bark was once used for creating love potions with which is probably why it looks so battered. And some prince hid inside it from an angry mob or something a long time ago; it's hollow you see.

Star war's C-3PO was born in Addlestone in some guys shed. No joke.

Addlestone has more food establishments then anyone can believe and it is a mystery how they can all survive in such a small area and such competition.

Places to hang-out in Addlestone include:
* Tesco
Weybridge girl: "Why hello there, shall we take a stroll around Addlestone today my friend?"
Chertsey guy: "yer, aight. I needa go ta tesco"
by Addlepoet December 27, 2009
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place in surrey england, were all the locals are into interbreeding. nearly all residents are decendants of the former inmates of botleys park and murrey house,(local mental instetutions)and are related through vigerous cross breeding practices,
with the occasional chertsey (town next door) bloodline introduced, inkeeping with decades old local tradition of both towns of keeping it in the family,
hello cousin, mate, bro,gangsta,addlestone massive (all mean the same thing and true)
(deliverance music playing in background)
by vic don August 18, 2007
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A humble little town which doesn't have much beef with any other towns but people from chav town Staines claim it to be "Gipsy Town". Staines are just jealous that Addlestone doesn't have nearly as many chavs as Staines.

It neighbours Chertsey which is also a huge chav town but not as chavy as Staines.

Notable Places: The Huge Tesco (only open 12hrs now), The KFC and Subway that's on the highstreet and Victory Park.
Guy: Let's go to Addlestone!
Salty Staines Chav: Na mate. That place is stinkin' wiv gippos and dat. Les go to like Chertsey or summin.
by ItzTyrone January 31, 2017
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