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Usually refers to amphetamine HCl or amphetamine sulfate (the active ingredient in adderall). It's the best way to fly through loada of homework and chores. It may sometimes contain isopropylamphetamine to mimic extended release formulas. If it's just amphetamine salts, it acts like a instant release formula. The oral dose range is 5mg to 20mg mixed in juice, water, or an energy drink. Not recommended to be taken more than twice a week.
I took 10mg of adderall powder and it was awesome. College became fun and all the subjects they force on you that's unrelated to your field of atudy became less dull for a while. Chores were fun too. It goes grwat with fluorenol, nefiracetam, and prolintane. Cycle it on and off.
by CognitiveFuel April 08, 2015
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