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A Voltron ship that died long before the series took place but most fans still love it and hope for it and god, now I have 3 ships in the fandom...
Fan #286261: Shadam all the way!
Fan #248357: I think the ship name Adashi is much better!
*Fans bicker over better ship name*
Me: Guys! It's the same ship! Although I do like Adashi a lot better!
*Shadam ship name supporter those chair at my head*
by Shnoozle Doop Boop July 22, 2018
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1. American mispronounciation of ajjoshi, meaning "uncle". Used to describe any Korean man, usually an older man
2. The not-quite-right, not-quite-authentic Korean version of any product normally available in civilized countries.
1. I can't believe adashi charged me 30 dollars for a cab ride from Uijeongbu Station to Camp Casey!
2. This DVD is an adashi copy I bought down range.
by Down Range GI July 12, 2005
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The beautiful canonically gay relationship between Takashi Shirogane and Adam on Voltron: Legendary Defended.
Klance who? We only know adashi.
by shiroisgay July 21, 2018
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