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The guy responsible for killing 28 people (20 children, 7 teachers, and his mum) at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He was one of the most skilled players to aim for the high score, but as soon as he knew police had infiltrated the skool, he punked out and an hero'd. Probably a good thing he stopped there, because 28 deaths is way too much.

Recent investigations have revealed much about him, such as that he was homosexual and had fairly strong pedophillic urges. He barely socialized at all, and at one point only interacted with his mum by email. He was 6' and 110 pounds, and played some pretty surprising games like DDR, Mario, Pikmin, Lego Star Wars, and Kingdom Hearts. That explains it! Those games are tedious, generic, and have shitty difficulty curves. Cant blame that guy for going cho, because just a few steps down is where we all are; throwing our tvs out the window and burning down the house.

He frequented Shocked Beyond Belief, a columbine discussion forum, where he had like 300 posts. He had many accounts which he deleted, or at the very least, made private, such as his Steam. Before he decided to go cho, he took out all storage devices from his gaming pc and scratched & smashed them, to prevent the police from learning what was on there. He probably had like furry porn on there or something. The feds did find some pretty odd things on there, like a screenplay about a 30 year old pedo trying to love some 8 year old kid, and a rant about women.
A List of Bad Ideas;

1. Adam Lanza as a parent
2. Adam Lanza as a babysitter
3. Adam Lanza as a guidance counseler

4. Adam Lanza as a teacher
5. Adam Lanza as a Role Model
6. Pretty much any fucking position in which he has influence lol
by Douchebag82 June 13, 2014
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