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acton is one of the many massachusetts towns of the asian invasion
Lizzy: You been to Acton, Mass?
Lexi: Yeah. Half the lunch tables there are full of Asians.
by xo83 December 10, 2010
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A small and pointless town where all places of recreation where at one point torn down and turned into ugly apartments that no one ever bought, or were gutted and are left as lone standing buildings waiting until the day they fall, much like the Mineke and the McDonald's.

The school system is decent, full of teachers who care too much about things that aren't important. There are a range of stereotypes, including the normal portugese cliques, the stereotypical blacks, the druggies, the skaters (what's the difference between the two latter? no one knows,) the sluts, the preps, the emos, the scenies, and the jocks. There's tons of homophobia from the vast majority of jocks, but there is a more broad acceptance of homosexuality than most other schools. The GSA's pretty big.

There's essentially nowhere to hang out. Drug dealings go on primarily behind the Bowladrome, a dark place where children go to bowl, win cheap prizes from the arcade, and possibly be kidnapped and never seen again. Most of the town goes through a Starbucks every now and again since the installment of one several years ago. There's a zillion Dunkin Donuts and probably seven billion ATMs. The kids have no cash and get by by smoking serious weed and being losers. Nothing too great.

And we believe that you can't spell "losers" without LS, standing for Lincoln-Sudbury (Drunkin' Drugsbury), our sports rival.

P.S. The girls do not cut off their toes for crack.
1: Where you from?
2: Acton, MA
1: Where the hell is that?
2: Exactly.
by An Anonymous AB-er. September 21, 2008
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a boring pointless town with nothing to do. Everyones rich and they hate CC (Concord-Carlisle) and are always critizing them when they don't even notice that Concord and Acton are almost exactly the same. The only difference is that Acton has way more druggies and drug deals go on daily behind the bowladrome. A dark sketchy place where you feel like you are gonna get raped or kidnapped.

P.S. we believe u cant spell loser without LS standing for Lincoln Sudbury.
Example 1: Who's that gay kid. "He's from Concord"

Example 2: Who's that awesome kid? "He's from Acton, MA"
by dsfghrjhfgdg November 27, 2009
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