The act of Procrastinating in an active manor having to do with what you're procrastinating. Such as making lists of what you should do first and planning out how you will do it instead of actually doing a given task.
Emma does active procrastination with her homework by making lists of what she should do first and then talking about doing it.
by Mb89 September 30, 2010
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Doing something, anything, other than the thing you are supposed to be doing. Avoiding the assigned task by completing unrelated tasks.
Steven actively procrastinated by cleaned the entire house to avoid doing his tax returns.
by Titleist2002 May 20, 2023
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the act of putting effort into finding other things to do, rather than doing what it is you should acctually be doing.
Mitch: I really didn't want to do my homework, but I couldn't find anything else to do, so I went and got my nipple pierced.

Frank: just to get out of doing your homework? you were actively procrastinating!
by PlaidLad May 28, 2010
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